Roadside Cairns The Big Island

Roadside Cairns The Big Island

Beautiful Plumeria

Lava Fountain just clears the Crater Rim

Lava Fountain just clears the Crater Rim

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Steam Vents around the Crater

King Kamehameha Statue- Sacred Ground

Snow Capped Volcano

Snow Capped Volcano

Not every volcano on the Big Island is blowing their top. This is an example of a shield Volcano.


Lava Tube

Rainbow Falls…but No Rainbows

A Lava Fountain

A Lava Fountain

It’s not too impressive but it was the start of what is happening in Hawaii. This was Kilauea when I was there about a month ago.  Because of the angle of the crater rim this is only the top of the lava fountain. For it to be visible it had to be fountaining 120 ft or more.  And we now know it was just getting started!


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