About Dusty Roads Photos

Dusty Roads Photos is the brainchild of Deb Neumann. Deb is a lifelong animal lover having grown up in the country with chickens, cows, horses, sheep, pigs, the family dogs, cats and even a parakeet  Along the way there were also turtles, gerbils, goldfish, polywogs and… well I’m sure you get the picture.

The name  Dusty Roads came from the dirt roads that surrounded the ” homestead”. Whenever the family piled into the car for a road trip a plume of dust would billow behind the car. One of Deb’s favorite parts of the day was when Dad would come home from work. He would drive up the long driveway, which was dirt, and Deb would hear the truck and see the dust and come running. All of these memories went into the name of this and the “sister” blog  www.aroundustyroads.com.

Deb, also known as “Dusty” to her blog followers, is entering a new phase in her photographic journey. Originally intended to document her annual vacations and local adventures, she has discovered some small talent with animals. (probably due to growing up with such a variety) As a result she now takes pet portraits for fun and (hopefully) profit. She also has a small store that currently has note cards  featuring her original photos. www.dustyroadsphotos.etsy.com. More items & cards are in the planning stages.

Deb’s main motivation for her photography remains fun and a chance to share her view of the world around her. Her subject choices lean toward animals & pets, landscape & seascapes, plants and flowers but anything that catches her eye can become the subject of one of her photos.

Deb hopes that you will get some enjoyment from her pictures and that you will feel free to add comments and suggestions but please be kind as she is a bit insecure about her  talent level.

So now that introductions are complete please, step into the world of Dusty Roads Photos . Share the Vision!

Deb aka Dusty 🙂

4 thoughts on “About Dusty Roads Photos

  1. Hello Deb:

    I am writing to get permission to use this Christmas House Photo, http://aroundustyroads.files.wordpress.com/2013/12/christmas2013-003-copy.jpg, for my Christmas Website.

    I make DVD for window projection, you could check out what I do at http://www.outrageous-media.com/christmas.html
    This year we had our original Santa DVD on Christmas Light Fights on ABC, and decided to do a new website, and need a nice house photo that we can place our Video Effects inside the windows using Photoshop. I’d be willing to give you your choice of any or all of our Christmas DVDs as an exchange if you would permit the use of the photo.

    Thanks, Jon Hyers, jon.hyers@comcast.net

  2. Deb:

    Thanks for a such a fast reply!!! I am duly impressed. I am totally happy to credit the photo, I don’t mind the distraction. How about © 2014 Deb Neumann, Dusty Roads Photos used by Permission ??

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