In Memory of…Marvin

It is with great sadness that I am reporting the passing of Little Man, Marvin, this afternoon, April 1, 2011. Marvin embarked on his journey to the Rainbow Bridge  following a short illness. Marvin was surrounded by his loving, human family.

Marvin was the cutest little dog but sweet wouldn’t be the exact words to describe him. He had his own personality and certainly knew what he wanted. He trained his owner well.  Little Marvin loved to wear the cute outfits he had aquired over the years patiently allowing his owner to dress him up. He knew when he looked good. Marvin had strong opinions and didn’t mind expressing them when the situation  warrented it. As Marvin’s pet mother would say, “Mr. Marvin can be very fresh!” Marvin was well loved by his owner and family and the many people whose lives he touched.  Marvin was the inspiration for the Pet Portraits section of the web page. I dedicate this post to him. Mr. Marvin, you will always be remembered.

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If you knew Marvin, please share your comments and memories. I am sure the family would like to hear from you.

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